Have you had a spiritual experience?


One of the most challenging things about writing my book was telling my own story and sharing my own spiritual transformational experience. It happened almost 40 years ago and it took me this long to talk about it in a public way. One of the reasons I did this was to encourage others to share their experiences too.

A spiritual experience is a moment in which we know or feel the presence of “God”, or Spirit, have an out of body experience or a near-death experience. We know we have been touched by the Divine, and we have been transformed by it. For me it totally changed the way I perceived the world.

Spiritual experiences are common and have been happening to humans since time began. After all, we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience! We are, however, not very good at sharing them. They are intensely personal and very difficult to describe in words. There is a lot of fear around sharing them, fear of being told we are crazy or that they are from the devil.

I am very honored when a patient shares their near-death or spiritual experience with me. I have written about many of these in my book. Those who have read the book are now beginning to share their stories with me. I’d like to share one with you.

Last week I was with a patient who is very religious and devoted to the Blessed Mother and prays the Rosary every day, especially for the dying. She shared that she has the gift of “sight”. She has worked in a nursing home in the past, and often “sees” spirits after they have passed.

One night she was sitting in the hallway of a nursing home while on duty. Suddenly she caught a glimpse of what looked like a patient walking into a room, but she could only see the back of her bathrobe which was a beautiful blue. She ran down the hall and looked at the patient in the room who was sleeping, and could not find the person wearing the blue robe. She also looked in all the closets and the blue robe was nowhere to be found. It was such a beautiful blue that she would recognize it right away!

After speaking with a priest about her experience, and praying about it, she was convinced that what she saw was the Blessed Mother coming into that room. Mary is often depicted as wearing a blue robe and the Hail Mary prayer includes a line that says, “pray for us sinners now and the hour of our death, Amen”. The patient in the room did indeed die a short time later.

These moments are sacred and holy. They transform the person experiencing them. They also inspire me. We are not alone, we are loved beyond our wildest imagination, and God is always reaching out to us if we will but stop long enough to listen.

Have you had a spiritually transformative or near-death experience?I invite you to share your stories here. If you don’t want to share on the blog, my email is chaplaingeri@gmail.com.

The world needs to hear our voices in this dark time of transformation of our world. We all need to be reminded that there is more to life than what we see with our eyes, that God walks with us every moment of every day, and that we are so very blessed.

2 thoughts on “Have you had a spiritual experience?

  1. Denise

    Many years ago when I was in high school I was to give a talk about love in action I had no words I couldn’t think of anything to say I had to give the talk early morning still nothing writers block couldn’t think of anything I pray the Hail Mary asked her to help me to give me the message that I was supposed to give to these teenage girls ithe words just came I wrote and wrote I felt her there with me I knew she was helping me to relax and have the words come through three girls came up to me after the talk something I said touch them but I believe Mary help me that day to touch those lives



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