Today is February 1, 2016, and this is what I have blooming on my windowsill. Impatiens in winter!! It’s an amazing story.

Now those of you who are gardeners know that impatiens are very pretty annual summer plants. They always make me smile with their happy faces looking up to the sun! However, they don’t survive the winter here in the Northeast and need to be planted anew every spring. Imagine my surprise when I discovered them blooming in a pot of green plants on my windowsill in the winter!! How did they get there? It wasn’t me!

So here’s the story. Many years ago when my mom transferred from her apartment to a skilled nursing unit, she couldn’t bring her plants, which she loved. So I adopted them.

Every summer I bring them from my indoor window sill where they live in winter, outside to my deck to drink in the summer sun, the breezes and the gentle rain. They are thriving!

Then the summer after my mom passed away, an amazing thing happened. I planted impatiens in my yard, all different colors. I like them because they are easy to grow, need little work and bloom in shade as well as sun. So when I said goodbye to summer and the impatiens that year, and brought the plants in for the winter, I thought nothing of it.

Then one day that December, a year after Mom passed, I noticed a flower growing in Mom’s pot of greens. I looked further and noticed several little impatiens plants of different colors with buds and blooms! How they got there, and why they landed in her pot and not the other pots is a mystery! And this year they have grown even bigger, with more plants growing in the pot!

I know you are saying it was simply the birds spreading seeds from the impatiens in the ground to the flower pot. But why Mom’s pot and not the others?

As you all know, especially if you have read my book, I am a believer in signs from our loved ones who have passed. I like to think that this is another sign from Mom, cheering me up with flowers in winter, in HER flower pot, on my window sill. What a gift!

Do you have stories of signs from your loved ones who have passed? I’d love to hear them! Please post here if you like, or email me at

Many blessings to you all, and take heart, spring is just around the corner!

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