MEET PAX, the latest addition to my backyard family!!

She arrived a few weeks ago, along with her lively and fun-loving gray young siblings, born this Spring. I was so surprised to see her, all in white and glowing in the green grass as she romped and played with her brothers and sisters and fed at my birdfeeder.

I am feeling honored that such an beautiful creature would arrive in my backyard along with many other beautiful birds, fox, deer, coyotes, hummingbirds, hawks and a menagerie of others.

The significance for me, is that she is all white.

In many native traditions, the white animal, whether squirrel, peacock or buffalo, brings a message of peace, a vision of heaven on earth. Kind of like waving the white flag signaling the end of war and violence. We are so desperately hungry for messages such as these, and our beloved animal friends are sent to remind is that we all, in our essence, are loving and beloved children of the Divine.

I can’t help but wonder if Pax arrived this summer just in time to remind us that despite the outward appearance of fear, chaos and destruction, we must choose to keep peace in our hearts if we are to have any chance of bringing lasting peace to the outer world.

CHOOSE peace and love today and always.

PS:  “PAX” means peace, tranquility and serenity in Latin!



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